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November, 2012 | Sleeping Angels Co.


When Does Middle of the Night Crying Require Your Attention?


Sleep is a wonderful thing. You put your baby into bed after a little playtime, a feeding and a kiss goodnight. You may then go to sleep only to be awakened by the baby crying. Let the baby cry for about five minutes. Chances are the crying will stop after about five minutes. If it is about feeding time, you should get out of bed and feed the baby. The baby will let you know when there has been enough food.

Check your baby to see if there are any obvious problems.

Is the baby cold? Are there sufficient blankets on the baby to keep him warm in his room?

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How Often Should a New Mother Breastfeed?


New mothers have many questions about breast-feeding. While it looks simple, there are fundamental questions like “how often should I breastfeed?” that can seem not-so-simple to answer in the beginning.

When you bring your baby home from the hospital, you can expect to feed the baby eight to twelve times a day. This may be more frequently than someone who is bottle-feeding. The reason for this that breast milk digests quickly. Therefore, a baby will get hungry sooner than a bottle-fed baby. While it will be tiring, the frequent breast-feeding will help your body produce more milk. By the time the little one reaches 1 or 2 months of age, breastfeeding will decrease to seven or eight times each day.

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