Benefits and Compensations

Benefits and Compensations

Benefits and Compensation

Sleeping Angels Co. places only the highest qualified candidates for each job. We cater to all of our clients’ needs meeting each and every expectation, with employees who possess outstanding expertise in their field. Our company will work closely with you in locating the most qualified nanny that will fulfill your needs that our other competitors fail to achieve. With our professional repertoire of employees, we will devise the best job offer tailoring to your needs, which would also factor in experience, education, and responsibilities for the selected candidate.

Our company will base employee salary upon:

  • overtime hours and compensation
  • bonuses
  • benefits
  • raises
  • vacation time.

In general, domestic employees are offered salaries based on the guideline below:

Full time Employees: (Gross Weekly Income) $700 – $2000 (40-50 hour/week)
Part time Employees: (Gross Hourly Rate) $18 – $40 per hour.

Additionally, most domestic employees in Los Angeles County are given the following benefits:

  • Two weeks Paid Vacation
  • Health Insurance (After three months of employment)
  • Car Provided (For on-the-job transportation)