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What Makes A Good Nanny [Infographic]

Interested in starting a career as a nanny? You probably want to find out all there is to know about life as a nanny, what you have to go through and what makes them great. Just like any other job, being a nanny is very much challenging. A nanny job can be quite fulfilling, especially since wages in the industry are increasing consistently good according to the demand in last five years.

Nanny Wages Largely Depend on the Family

Salaries and wages for nannies differ from family to family and also depend on the extent of assistance you provide. On an average, nannies could earn about $12 per hour while some nannies could even earn as much as $1,000 a week. In the childcare industry, nanny positions command a better pay with some sort of specialization, especially if a nanny can provide basic teaching services along with childcare.

Your pay might also increase with increased responsibilities. With the busy lifestyle that most people lead today, a nanny might be expected to carry out a few basic chores in the household but such chores always accompany extra income. Be clear about what you can and cannot do and be forthright with your requests for additional pay with increased work responsibilities.

Nanny Wages Steadily on the Rise

The good news for those in the childcare industry is that average salaries are expected to increase at a steady pace. Between 2012 and 2013, there was a $90 increase in average salary for nannies nationwide. Taking this into consideration, we could be seeing a constant rise in average salaries for childcare workers. This means that all the dedicated and hardworking nannies could get the income they deserve.

But, looking out for a good salary you need to prove yourself as a good Nanny. So, what makes them good?
• Understands the child development
• Advocates for the children in her care
• Lots of energy
• Full reserve of patience
• Good communicator
• Flexible, Proactive, Punctual, Multitask etc…
• Nurturing spirit
• Strong morals
• Kids can’t stop talking about all the wonderful things she says and does
• Most importantly, A nanny wants to be a nanny

There are many more things that makes a Nanny great and loved by child and the family which you can look out in detail in the below infographic.

What Makes A Good Nanny_updated 2

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Hiring A Nanny In Los Angeles, What To Look For

Hiring A Nanny In Los Angeles What To Look ForAlthough there is a plethora of babysitting services in LA, it can be hard to find the right one. It can be pretty sketchy trying to find a nanny on Craigslist or other classified ads. Don’t even try to ask your friends who they use, because nanny services are a hidden gem in LA. They do not want to divulge who there nanny is because it means less available time for them. Thankfully, Sleeping Angels has got you covered.

No one wants to find a nanny on Craigslist. Honestly, it is not very smart or safe. That is why this service is so nice. They have only the best nannies and do background checks. There are so many different services available as well.

You can choose from a Nanny, housekeeper, baby nurse, personal assistant, caregiver, chef, live in nanny, live out nanny, full time nanny, the options are endless. All of them are fully trained and know what they are doing. They make sure that they only have the best individuals representing them and their brand name.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. For those who require live in nannies, this is also an option. You want to be able to trust a person who is going to be living in your home and taking care of your children, that is why Sleeping Angels makes sure that their employees are the best of the best and have done similar tasks before.

If you only need a nanny a few times a week, then that is not a problem. There is also the option for a temporary nanny. If you plan on going on a vacation for a little or if something comes up, there are services which can help you out for a short period of time. You do not need to get locked into a contract or other long term agreement. This is rare, because often times other nanny agencies will require a long term agreement or the costs are much higher for short term care.

The process for choosing your nanny is pretty simple. You will fill out a form that has your name, email, phone number, city, requirements, whether you need cooking, driving, sports, traveling, or any other specifications. You will then be paired up with the best nanny possible for you and your child.

For those who do not require the full time and regular nanny, there are also baby sitting options available. Whether it is date night, or an emergency came up, you can count on them to come through and help you out. Don’t settle for less, these baby sitters are the best of the best and and will allow you to enjoy your night out without having to worry about your children at home. Nothing is better than being able to enjoy yourself and not worry about the person watching your children.

So, if you need a nanny in Los Angeles, then look no further. Sleeping Angles has got you covered with their staff of professional and well trained nannies.

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Benefits of Using a Nanny Agency in California

blog_training_qualificationsMost of the time, married couples always dream of having their very own children. In fact, some people say that a child is the most beautiful gift that you can ever give to parents. However, it is not easy at all to take care of children. This is why a lot of people tend to hire nannies. When it comes to nannies, it is best to use the services offered by professional nanny agencies. For those who live in California, they may as well want to know the benefits of using a nanny agency in California. Well, here are some benefits to expect from such an agency.

No Time to Waste

First of all, by using the professional services offered by such an agency, parents will not have to waste any of their precious time looking around for some well-trained nannies. There is no need to scan floods of applications for it is the task of the nanny agency instead. The agency has undoubtedly shortlisted the candidates, performed necessary interviews and most definitely, must have completed all the difficult tasks for the customers. Needless to say, this saves a lot of time. Yet, the benefit does not end there.

Plenty of Options to Choose

By using a nanny agency, parents, as the customers of the agency, can always choose from a massive number of nanny agencies to use. After all, in most places in the world, including California, the fee that customers have to pay to a nanny agency is only the placement fee. Thankfully, this fee only exists if the customers have actually decided to use a nanny from a particular agency. Otherwise, the agency should not be able to charge them. So, in this case, parents can always make some researches and compare which of the agencies seems to be the most profitable for them to use. This holds true no matter where you reside, even if it is Costa Rica making steampunk jewelry.

Post Placement Support

Even though parents may eventually end up with a nanny agency that does not ask too much in terms of costs, there is actually still another thing for parents to think about. This is the kind of support that the agency can or cannot give after the placement of a nanny that comes from its place. A good nanny agency will always offer continuous support for the parents. It will also make a phone call every now and then, just to check if things are working out well for the parents as their customers.

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Traditional vs. Modern Nannies

The concept of keeping nanny dates back to 19th century where the role was restricted to providing a nursery of children or being a full-time employed service provider to a single family. The nursery comprised of several rooms with children from different families taken care by a nurse or group of them. However, in the more prestigious and elite class families, nannies were employed (mostly verbally) on a full-time basis by these families to specifically take care of all children. This arrangement often meant that more than one generation of children of a particular family was brought up by a single nanny. However, the role of nanny today is much flexible and diverse due to change in cultures, preferences and other social and demographic factors.

Traditional Nannies:

The idea of keeping a full-time nanny, often called a ‘live in nanny’ is fading fast as not many families wish to keep a 24 hours nanny in their home, as was the case many years ago. A ‘live in nanny’ often demanded a separate apartment and a car to perform all the duties which usually included washing clothes, making up the room, prepare children meals and acting as a pick-and-drop- facility for children to and from school and other places.

The relation of these nannies with the households was majorly based on trust and experience of the nanny in providing care for children. Once a nanny was employed by a particular family, she was to be with that family probably for the rest of the life. There was no concept of performing a background & education check and reviewing the credentials of the nanny to ensure that the service provider is registered and qualified. With the passage of time, nannies used to become an integral part of the family and were given equal respect and consideration like other family members.

Modern Nannies:

So what are modern nannies and why are they better than the traditional ones? Unlike in the past, nannies now can work only for few hours a day, providing a ‘back-up’ service to parents when none of them is available to take care of their child. The role can also take the form of being a ‘maternity nurse’ and a ‘night nanny’ where the former works with newborns and the latter work for few nights per each week until the child is, say, 5 years old.

Therefore, parents need to be absolutely sure that the modern nanny meets all the modern criteria before being asked to provide service to the love of their life. Among other things, a nanny must:

  • Be an educated person
  • Be a Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and First-Aid Certified
  • Be Experienced in Sleep Training
  • Have a clean background record
  • Possess excellent past / current references
  • Good social media presence and knowledge
  • Excel in the first language of child

It is highly recommended that families, who wish to hire a service of nanny, under whatever arrangement, should assure themselves that they get the service of professionally qualified and an experienced nanny who will provide the children with the best of service, care and attention possible.

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