How to keep your children’s healthy sleep schedule during traveling


In order to recognize healthy sleep as a direct effect to both our children’s growth and development, there needs to be a clear and concise understanding on exactly how sleep and all its powerful benefits impact our children’s life cycle. It is essential for parents to understand how important a healthy sleep routine is, as ultimately this will result in a well-adjusted child who will have the right amount and the best quality of sleep.

Once parents have established a healthy routine for their children, the major question is how to apply and maintain this schedule effectively while traveling. The first step is to focus on the time of arrival to the chosen destination, and follow the applied sleep routine. Problems arise when parents alter the already existing sleep cycle by following the time zone they live in, instead of the current time zone they are now visiting. If your arrival time is three hours ahead where you are staying, you must continue the schedule according to the time zone you are in.

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