Customer Guarantee

The Sleeping Angels Co. Customer Guarantee and Process

Our Customer Guarantee for hired Nannies in Los Angeles

If you decide to terminate your employee for good cause or the employee quits without good cause within the first two months after hiring, we will promptly attempt to find you a replacement at no charge during the replacement period base on services and fee package selected. If such departure is within two to three months after hiring, our fee will be reduced to an amount equal to two weeks of the replacement’s total pay (not applicable to 15%, 18%, and 20% package service fee). Under no circumstances will you be entitled to a refund of your placement fee, but we will make every reasonable effort to find you a replacement as quickly as possible on the terms described above.

Our Process for hiring qualified Nannies in Los Angeles

Baby foot imageTo begin the process of searching for a new hire, clients need to review and sign our agreement. After receiving the signed agreement we will then start interviewing candidates based on your criteria, followed by providing you with the candidate’s resumes and qualifications. When you have reviewed their information and decide what candidates you would like to interview, we will set up dates and times for you to meet with them. Our next step will be to schedule a trial period with the potential candidate. Once the trial period is over and you have elected to hire the candidate, we will collect the total agency fee and provide you with a DMV printout and criminal background reports. The nanny needs to be CPR certified and will be sent for a training course at our expense if they are not certified. We register each nanny with TrustLine (established by the California Department of Children’s Services) when placed.

Background Checks for Nannies in Los Angeles

Before we introduce you to a potential nanny, you can rest assured that every one of our nannies has undergone a rigorous background check through Livescan Fingerprinting and TrustLine. Each Nanny must undergo a comprehensive criminal record database check with Department of Justice, DMV, Department of Social Services, and police departments nationwide. Drug panel testing is also available or can be requested. In addition, each of our nannies also goes through a comprehensive training process during which time we are able to evaluate whether or not they are qualified.