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Infant Sleep Consultants

Do you need a professional Infant Sleep Consultant to address your child’s sleeping issues?

Lissette Palencia has worked with children and their parents for over fifteen years caring for youth ages newborn to teen. In her journey of working with children, she has taught the elements of good communication between parent and child. She has also improved the sleep habits of those children who find long and peaceful sleep an issue.

Sleep Consultant Services from Sleeping Angels

While working as a nanny herself, Lissette obtained a college degree in accounting. She gained business experience as a real estate manager and executive assistant to other entrepreneurs. She also studied child psychology and development. Then, over fifteen years ago, she began her training as a sleep consultant/specialist for infants, toddlers, and teenage children.

Over that fifteen years as a Infant sleep consultant, she has been developing her own unique and highly successful approach to solving childhood sleeping problems. Her philosophy is based on her professional experience with children, her education, and her knowledge of different child development methods including RIE (Resources for Infants Educarers) and Waldorf.

Lissette empowers parents by helping them build strong communication with their child, utilizing techniques to read each child’s cues. Her methods provide parents with effective tools for future use, rather than quick fixes lacking in practical training. This approach results in a more well-adjusted child.

She has been assisting parents in:


  • Understanding the process of developing healthy schedules and sleep plans for babies and toddlers, which result in an independent child who is able to sleep and nap well.
  • Dealing with difficult transitions such as moving from crib to bed, and weaning from breast-feeding or bottle-feeding.
  • Teaching them how to plan and maintain regular schedules for their children.
  • Helping children with behavioral issues.

After meeting with you, and discussing your child’s particular issues, environment, and routine, Lissette will develop a unique strategic plan for your child and family.

Newborn baby sleeping with mother. Closeup, shallow DOF.
These plans are specific and tailor-made for each individual child, taking age and parenting style into consideration.

Lissette will offer continuous support and encouragement throughout the process. Ultimately, she will help in achieving harmony between parent and child with her expertise as a baby/infant/toddler sleep consultant/specialist .