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Being a new parent typically comes many joys, but you also lose a lot of your valuable time. It is tough to watch a child, skateboard, feed them, clean them, help them fall asleep, etc. That is why a sleep consultant can come in handy. The know techniques and ways to help children fall asleep into a normal sleeping pattern. This means more regular sleep for he parents so they can live a normal schedule lifestyle. There are many techniques that are used to help children fall asleep, but a few work consistently as explained below.

Most babies sleep for approximately 16 hours a day, but these are done in random short periods. TO get a consistent sleep from a newborn you should:

It may seem strange, but looking your child in the eyes can keep them awake. Watching your child’s bright eyes during the day is a beautiful sight, but in the middle of the night it is no fun. When a parent makes eye contact with a child that it sleepy it inadvertently encourages the child to not want to go to bed.

When you see you child becoming drowsy put them to bed. Do not force them to go into a deep sleep, but any extra rest they can take will be able to sooth themselves to sleep more easily.

Darkness induces sleep. Having lights on induces humans biological go button, while darkness makes the brain to release melatonin, which is a vita hormone to induce sleep. A way to stop children from sleeping during the day is to force naps with the lights on the room and during night ensure it is dark. Having a nightlight is fine, but make sure it is tiny.

Diapers should not be changed while your child is asleep. Wait for them to wake up and then go about changing diapers. it is never good to interrupt s child’s seep.

Remember not to run up at every little noise you hear from the baby monitor. Doing so only interrupts your child’s sleep pattern causing then to wake up and fall asleep. Instead, quietly go check on your baby and only do so when something seems out of the norm.

Try and keep a consistent bed time between 7 and 8 p.m. with a temperature that is comfortable for both the parents and children. A good temperature is 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Wake up your baby at the same time every day. Do not let them sleep in on weekends or hit the snooze button.

These are just some of the techniques used to help parents and children have fulfilling night sleeps. If all else fails check out a professional sleep consultant who can guide you through these techniques.

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