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Saina D.

As you can see I’m not a big Yelper but I feel compelled to share.
Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness never had to buy sleep.  Beg, borrow, or steal if u must… they take credit cards.  Lissette saved me, my career, and most likely, my marriage!  Sleep deprivation is no joke.
Here’s how NOT to do put a baby to bed… nurse or shush with a pacifier, wait for deep sleep, pray for right timing, begin a lengthy SLOW mission impossible-style transitioning of the baby from your arms to the crib.  Success rate 1 out of 4.  The other 3 times baby wakes up crying… rinse and repeat.  When I wasn’t busy in the middle of doing everything wrong, I was in tears feeling sorry for myself.  The point is that the baby had stopped listening to her own body and needs. She was dependent on me for direction and I was leading us down a dangerous road of sleep deprivation and crying.  Going back to work was inconceivable.
Lissette knows her stuff.  While working with her, I would text her play by play and she was there for me.  It was’t easy but I was determined to see it through because I was NOT going back.  There was some crying to un-program the nonsense I had taught my daughter.  Now I put the baby down in her crib, she falls asleep ON HER OWN with-in 10 minutes.  NO CRYING.  She sleeps 12 hours at night (even while teething) and has long naps during the day.
Lissette didn’t just help the baby learn to soothe herself and listen to her own needs, she trained me to listen to the baby and be able to distinguish her different cries.   No tricks (pacifiers, spa music, white noise machines, dream feeds… etc.).  My daughter wakes up smiling :)  BUT YOU MUST BE WILLING TO DO THE WORK.  We didn’t “sleep training” my baby.  We training ME to listen so we could help the baby listen to herself.  My daughter is now happy, developmentally ahead, and balanced.  Turns out, babies do a lot of growing during their sleep.
Since sleep impacts EVERYTHING…. EVERYTHING got better: play, food, poop, milk supply…!!!  Even beyond the sleep, Lissette showed me how to do full feedings and proper burping (no more tummy aches).  She even helped me identify toys that prevented a baby’s development.  I ended up with over $500 of store credit for stuff on my registry that I didn’t need.  It was like a one stop training shop.
Lissette is saving the world one balanced baby and one sane parent at a time.  Nobel peace prize nominee as far as I’m concerned.

Amy H.

I used Sleeping Angels to help me find a nanny, after looking in my own for someone without much luck. Lissette was amazing; she listened to my needs and was able to find me someone who I love. I wanted a nanny who would be able to work with me on developing a sleep schedule for my baby. The nanny she sent to me was highly qualified and extremely professional. I can’t say enough good things, I highly recommend Lissette & Sleeping Angels Co if you are looking for childcare.


Ann E.

As a registered nurse who has worked with pediatric patients, Lissette’s ability to understand of how to improve infant sleeping habits is amazing. Her experience and understanding of the infant’s challenges when it comes to developing a routine sleep schedule, or to tweaking poor sleeping habits is an art and a science in itself. I have learned from her immensely when it comes to caring for my pediatric patients. I highly recommend her.

Courtney Winslow

I had the pleasure of having Sleeping Angels to help me on my search for a professional Sleeping Consultant. Lissette Palencia started her sleeping program when Cash was four months old. At that time he was not sleeping through the night (AND he was still sleeping in our room) Within a week he was sleeping through the night, and within two weeks he was taking three regular naps´ in his own room! It was amazing.

Now our little Cash is not so little he is ten months old! We were relocated to the East Coast, and thanks to Lissette I can report that with all the transitions, the time changes and teething, Cash is still sleeping 7pm to 7am. In addition, he takes two naps a day. Thank you so much, Lissette.

Karen Powell

Sleeping Angels Co, provided me with sleeping consultant services. They helped me to find perfect sleeping pattern for my baby. Not only did they help with my baby sleeping patterns but also found and trained a wonderful loving nanny to continue with the growing up progress of our baby. They are very professional and I definitely recommend them to new parents.

Sherilyn Stack

Lissette has helped us more than words can say. My daughter was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks up until 4 months. Then, she started waking up 2 or 3 times and would only fall back to sleep if I rocked or nursed her. Not only was this physically exhausting, it felt like I was going backwards with no end in sight. My pediatrician was not much help and I was getting desperate for my sleep, so I called Lissette. She came to visit us one morning and explained the necessary steps to be done in order to get us “into a rhythm”.

I never realized how much a baby’s daily schedule can affect how well they sleep at night. My daughter was also a terrible napper, so Lissette showed me how and when to do naps and the importance of “transition time”. That day was not easy for me, but Lissette was very encouraging and respectful of my feelings…and my baby’s. Our first night after working with Lissette, my daughter slept for 10 hours and is still doing great. She also now naps twice a day for 1 1/2 – 2hrs. Lissette really knows her stuff and if you follow her daily schedule, you will have a sleeping angel too! Thanks Lissette and Sleeping Angels Co. team.

Jackie Robnett


Sleeping Angels Co. is by far the best agency! I was sleep deprived and at the end of my rope. I called a few agencies and none had the level of expertise as Sleeping Angels Co. Lissette really knows her stuff. My baby was sleeping through the night by the second visit. This woman is a true life saver. I will be eternally grateful for her. She helped restore peace and sanity in my home. Most importantly, she helped my little angel get the much needed sleep she was missing out on. Once my baby started sleeping and napping, she was a much more happy baby … and so were we.