When Does Middle of the Night Crying Require Your Attention?


Sleep is a wonderful thing. You put your baby into bed after a little playtime, a feeding and a kiss goodnight. You may then go to sleep only to be awakened by the baby crying. Let the baby cry for about five minutes. Chances are the crying will stop after about five minutes. If it is about feeding time, you should get out of bed and feed the baby. The baby will let you know when there has been enough food.

Check your baby to see if there are any obvious problems.

Is the baby cold? Are there sufficient blankets on the baby to keep him warm in his room?

Is the diaper soaking wet? That can be very uncomfortable. Gas pains are another possibility. Place the baby on his back and move his legs in a bicycle type motion to help the gas escape from the abdomen. Belly aches are no fun.

When your baby is approaching six months or sometimes a little younger, teething begins. Teething hurts. A cold washcloth or teething ring will help. It is also possible you physician will allow you to give the baby some Tylenol or a gum soothing medication.

When you touch the baby and the little head is hot, it may be a fever.

Babies can have bad dreams. A reassuring cuddle will help the baby know everything is okay. You should not hold the baby for more than a couple of minutes. Then a hug, a kiss and replacing the covers, walk out and give it a few minutes.

A thunderstorm or other loud noise in the house may startle your baby and require you to spend a little time soothing the baby’s fears and making the baby comfortable.

The main reason to check on the baby is unrelenting crying and possibility of some illness.

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