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Baby nurse or baby nanny can be hard to find In this growing industry in Los Angeles in particular and California in general.  And how do you tell the difference between a baby nurse and a baby nanny?

You’re a successful person in your own right, as well as a new mom.  You’re used to delegating when appropriate.  The truth is, though, delegating the care of the most precious thing in your world can be scary.  You’ve never cared so much.

At Sleeping Angels, we understand your concerns.  As an established agency with over a decade’s experience in the field, we have your best interests at heart and offer professional guidance all the way from your first contact with us to finding your perfect fit. 

While you are advancing your career in order to provide the best for your child, you can rest assured a Sleeping Angels baby nurse is implementing practical, reliable strategies to ensure your child thrives, while reaching their developmental milestones easily.

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