Baby Teething and Sleep: 5 Proven Tips

Baby Teething and Sleep-5 Proven Tips

Baby teething and sleep: Teething in babies is a typical yet disturbing period for babies, their sleep, and the mummy. 

Is your baby fussier than usual? Is he constantly looking to get chewy on something? If he is, congratulations, mum, you are on the next stage of your baby’s growth curve.  Remember that the teething stage comes with more fuss and, sometimes, sleeplessness.

If your baby doesn’t sleep because he’s uncomfortable, you can’t either, but not to worry, we’ve got you covered; this situation isn’t entirely hopeless. 

We have curated some symptoms to help you identify teething in your baby, and we share five proven tips to help your baby sleep. 

Symptoms Of Teething

Babies are very different, so you might notice that some babies begin teething earlier than others; some start as early as four months old, others as late as 12 months old; usually, most babies start teething at six months. 

Look out for these signs to know if your baby is teething: 

  • Red and swollen gums
  • Flushed cheeks
  • More drooling than normal
  • Rashes on their face
  • Chewing and gnawing on things more than usual
  • More fussy and fretful than normal
  • Sleeping problems


If your baby shows any of these signs, you need to brace up and apply these tips to help your baby sleep better, and by extension, you gain more hours of sleep. 


Tips To Help Your Teething Baby Sleep Better

Before proceeding, mum, we need you to understand that every baby is different, and you might have to try one, two, or all five tips to relieve your baby. 


Now, let’s get started.


#Tip 1: Gum Massages For Teething Babies

Do you know how relaxed you feel when you get a massage to relieve those tense muscles and free up pent energy? 

Baby needs one to soothe his irritated, swollen gums. A gum massage can help with the fuss and help your baby sleep better. 

The FDA recommends a teething ring of firm rubber for a gum massage for your baby to chew on. 

To soothe your baby, refrigerate the teething ring or toy; the coldness can help numb the pain. But make sure the teething ring is firm yet gentle on your baby’s gum. You wouldn’t want the teething ring causing further discomfort. 

Apart from a teething ring, you can try a “homemade option” like a soft washcloth.

Ensure the washcloth is clean, and you can refrigerate it as well, to give that cooling effect. Always stay around your baby when handling the teething ring or the washcloth so he doesn’t get injured. We all know you can never be too careful with babies. 


If you don’t have a teething ring, you’d love our following recommendation.


#Tip 2: Your Fingers Can Be Soothing

A teething baby always wants to chew on something; your fingers can be great to munch on. 

Relax; he won’t bite off your fingers; he wants to feel better. Once he feels better, you bet that he can sleep.  To soothe your baby with your fingers, start by washing your hands properly; ensure it’s clean, we mean squeaky clean. 

To elevate the experience, you can dip your hand in cold water so it feels incredible in the baby’s mouth. Then gently rub your fingers across your baby’s gum, apply pressure as you rub gently, this will calm your baby, and as he lies down, he’ll gradually drift asleep. 

But please be gentle; you want to ensure you’re as careful as possible so you don’t injure your baby. If you still have a cranky baby, with this suggestion, then you can try the following advice to help your teething baby sleep better.


#Tip 3: Use Prescribed Drugs To Help Soothe Your Teething Baby

Before we say anything else, we must remind you to; consult your doctor before using any drugs and stick strictly to his prescription.

The FDA highly disapproves of using over-the-counter teething gels and creams containing benzocaine. It is harmful to babies, and these gels applied to the gum, don’t help, as they are washed away quickly in your baby’s mouth.  If you must use drugs, use a prescribed children’s pain reliever and ensure you stick to the instruction. 


#Tip 4: Wipe Off That Drool

Remember, we said if your baby is uncomfortable, he won’t sleep easily. 

Allowing the drool all over your baby’s face might contribute to rashes, making him uncomfortable and taking away his sleep.  Yes, we know, for most teething babies drooling is inevitable, and it worsens, but ensure you clean the drool at all times, and don’t let it run down your baby’s face. 


#Tip 5: Stick with your baby’s sleep routine

It might be difficult because of the fussiness, but it’s not impossible. As much as you can, try to make your baby comfortable so he can sleep properly. If you are training your baby to sleep in his crib, don’t alter this training; stay with your baby until he’s calm and asleep, then lay him back in his crib.


Bonus Tips To Help Soothe Your Teething Baby 

The tips we gave earlier will help you comfort your baby despite his discomfort. Additionally, we have these bonus tips to help you out.

  • Keep calm: Yes, mama, we know you are distressed by the fever, fussiness, and discomfort your baby is experiencing. But you must realize that teething is normal, and your baby will get through it. To feel better and keep your cool, we recommend increasing the hugs you give your precious baby now. 
  • Stick with your baby’s sleep routine: It might be difficult because of the fussiness, but it’s not impossible. As much as you can, try to make your baby comfortable so he can sleep properly. If you are training your baby to sleep in his crib, don’t alter this training; stay with your baby until he’s calm and asleep, then lay him back in his crib.
  • Try cool treats: You can give your baby cool treats, soft fruits, and healthy crackers to nibble on. You can chill them to a reasonable degree.
  • Avoid teething jewelry like necklaces or bracelets marketed to relieve teething pain; they aren’t recommended as they can cause choking, injury to the mouth, or strangulation.


Dear mummy, we know it’s stressful to wake up at night to soothe your baby because he’s uncomfortable, but teething is an expected growth process your baby must go through. 

For the best experience, help your baby find comfort by giving him a cold treat, teething toy, or recommended drugs.



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