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Infant Sleep Consultant


An  Infant sleep consultant is professional, who specializes in helping parents to establish a healthy pattern of independent sleep in their baby. This is often perceived as getting your baby to sleep through the night, based on the child age, weight, family dynamic.

From newborn to 5- or 6-months babies experiencing several sleep changes as they grow, that will normally come with wake up several times throughout the night until they reach the appropriate age and they are ready to sleep through the night.

A child Sleep Consultant can assist you to establish structure within difficult and hectic lifestyles specially when it come to your child healthy sleep. They will also assist you to simplify your daily transition with your child to enjoy more activities such as mealtime, playing, bedtime, traveling.


It’s a reasonable question to ask, since there are mountains of books written on the subject. Certainly, you can devour the information from every book there is, read every article on the internet, and probably even find dissertations written on infant sleep patterns.

What’s normal and what isn’t, what method is best, what methods are outdated, etc.; and it’s certainly excellent to read up on every aspect of parenting as much as you can.

But the unfortunate fact is that no matter how much you read on this topic (or any other topic related to parenting), you will always, always get so very much conflicting information. When faced with conflicting information, you may either choose to go with only one “tried and true” method, or you may be so confused you don’t know where to start. This is one of the reasons why you may want to hire a child sleep consultant.

A Child sleep consultant has the breadth of knowledge and practical experience – that is key – to know both what methods can be used, and to know how to shift from one method to another based on unique factors and situations.


Another common misconception about a child sleep consultant is that they have to stay in your home overnight to do their job. This is not always the case. Generally, the child sleep consultant will come to your home to for consultation to better understand your child sleep issues and provide you with the best method based on your child needs in order to get your child heathy sleep cycle and patter back on track.

They consult; will provide you with a lot of guidance and will be available for follow up with you so as the new sleep day and night schedule develops.  If you already stablished a daily schedule or your and you just need to some suggestions or adjustments to better perform, the consultant can provide you with the information or direction needed to move forward with the support and guidance necessary.

There is a bit of overlap in the duties of a child sleep consultant and newborn care specialist, given that a Newborn Care Specialist can certainly give you quite a few tips on how to help your newborn baby to better sleep day and night.

Regardless, your need’s a professional child sleep consultant can always help to answer any questions or concern that you mind have.  We have had provided you with some information they will answer some misconceptions about the child sleep consultant role are.

If you would like would like more in depth information, please consider to reach Sleeping Angels Co. their well knowledgeable professionals will be more than happy to help to answer all your questions and conce

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