Nourishing Your Baby Bump: Top 10 Foods for Pregnancy

Top 10 foods for pregnancy - with help from Sleeping Angels - image shows yummy yoghurt and fruit

Nourishing Your Baby Bump: Top 10 Foods for Pregnancy

Doula Services: Your Guide to Natural Birth Support

Image shows newborn in cradle under a bough, like the nursery song - trauma free with the help of natural birth support from sleeping angels

Doula Services-What Kind of Natural Birth Support Suits You? Choosing a natural birth is a big decision, and it can feel scary. But having natural birth support from someone who knows a lot about birth can help. A doula can be that person. A doula helps a mom before, during, and right after she has […]

How Doulas Help Empower Women During Pregnancy and Birth

doulas help empower women through pregnancy and birth - image shows happy family in front of blackboard with word cloud

Doulas help empower women during pregnancy and birth by supporting women throughout their pregnancy and birth journey. With their vast knowledge and compassionate care, doulas create a nurturing environment for expectant mothers. By understanding the role of a doula and the impact they have on pregnancy and childbirth, we can begin to appreciate the immense […]

Holistic Doula Services: Integrating 3 power points Mind, Body, and Spirit

happy couple holding their happy baby - holistic doula services

Holistic doula services! Welcome to our exploration of h where we aim to strike a balance between the mind, body, and spirit during the transformative journey of pregnancy and childbirth. This article delves into the integration of holistic practices within doula care, examining their potential benefits based on research in the field. Numerous studies have highlighted the […]