Covid-19: Childcare Agencies Step-Up helping families with life transitions

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Covid-19: Childcare Agencies Step-Up helping families with life transitions

Parenting is an art. It is important to groom a child in understanding themselves and develop their innate potential and emotional growth. This process was never simple. Even back in the day with traditional families, where the father was the breadwinner, and the mother took care of the children. It is always a never-ending balance between education, activity, and emotions.


Raising children is a challenge. The hardest part is when routines are disrupted. Covid-19 changed family’s habits. Many were left with an ever-rotating childcare provider, worries about hiring, and assurances of safety. Additionally, children were left in flux, missing friends, activities, and socializing. 



Childcare Agencies  

When a family looks toward a childcare agency, safety and security are number one. Childcare agencies must focus on reliably and trust in place of a parent. The benefits of hiring an agency include assurances of:


  • Screening compliance that applicants completed background checks, certification, vaccinations, drug screens, and more.
  • Continuing best practices education in child mentoring and preventing the spread of COVID-19.
  • Dedication and commitment to successful placement delivering the highest quality childcare candidates.

Childcare Agencies support the needs of parents and children during critical life transitions with skill and empathy. Keeping a nurturing environment and a healthy sleep schedule is vital to ease stress. 


COVID – 19 Listen from the child’s perspective

This is a period where families are struggling. Many have lost income, stability and experience anxiety and stress. With lockdowns and lack of socializing for children, we need nourishing interactions to address their concerns and adapt.


Working through this transition phase is essential. Many parents and caregivers are not aware of how to proceed to open a dialog with their children.


The first step is to listen to your child and to communicate with them in a way that’s easy for them to understand. The pandemic restricts children from participating in activities with coaches, friends, family, and teachers.


Let the child know your feelings and how you are managing. In doing so, it permits the child to open up and talk about it. You are modeling behaviors for your child to follow your examples.


Keep life simple and light. Share what is necessary without overloading them with information, anxiety, fear, or guilt.


Be sensitive and attentive during this time. 

They look to you to calm any uneasiness, tension, or concerns. Find fun bonding activities you can do together.


Above all, remember, with loving, warm-hearted support, children are resilient.


At Sleeping Angels Co., we offer services custom-tailored to each unique family with a hand-selected candidate to suit you and your children’s needs. Additionally, our professionals have expertise in child sleep care, coaching, and exceptional nurturing from our newborn specialists. We deliver practical training that empowers parents with useful, viable solutions.


We have you covered with dependable, experienced, and caring newborn care specialists and nannies—experience what Sleeping Angels Co. has to offer and see the difference. Your children deserve only the best.

As a child, COVID-19 has been a confusing and scary time. Suddenly, my routine of going to school and playing with friends was disrupted. I had to adapt to online learning and stay at home most of the time. It’s been hard not being able to see my grandparents or hug my loved ones, but I understand that it’s important for everyone’s safety. 


What can we do for you? Our experts are here to help you and your family.

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