"At Sleeping Angels, we value the uniqueness of every family we serve."

We were founded on the legacy of raising children in loving and nurturing homes. We will work diligently to find the perfect childcare solution for your family.

We are driven by nurturing passion and embracing experience.

Lissette and the Sleeping Angels team are passionate about providing the best childcare in Los Angeles. Between Lissette and her dream-team, Sleeping Angels has built a reputation as one of the most trustworthy, reliable, and experienced childcare placement agencies in the industry.

Our promise to you

When you contact Sleeping Angels Co., you can be confident that you are not dealing with a company that treats you as a number. You are working with a team of professionals who actually care about you and will treat you like family. We are a company that was founded on the heritage of raising children in caring and supportive households.

We are dedicated to working with only the best and most qualified childcare providers. Each member of our team understands the importance of creating safe, stable, and nurturing environments for all children.

When it comes to find the perfect newborn care specialist for your family.

The services of an NCS (Newborn Care Specialist) cater to a diverse range of families who can greatly benefit from their assistance. The primary beneficiaries are first-time parents who are eagerly expecting either a single child or multiples. Additionally, families with demanding or unconventional work schedules find great value in hiring an NCS. For mothers recovering from a c-section, the support provided by an NCS can be particularly beneficial. Moreover, adoptive parents, surrogate parents, and same-sex parents can all find valuable support from an NCS. Furthermore, families without nearby family support can rely on an NCS to provide much-needed assistance. Finally, any parents seeking a restful night’s sleep can also benefit from the services of an NCS.

All our candidates go thorough background checks, verify qualifications, and previous work references. Additional our family client account with our outgoing support during the candidate search to find the one that best candidate the aligns with your needs.


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How the process works

Throughout the entire process, we will be available to answer any questions that you may have. Our job is to make sure you feel safe, comfortable, and happy with the childcare specialist that you choose.

It’s essential to have open communication and support throughout the process of choosing a Newborn Care Specialist or Nanny.  If you have any questions or concerns along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to the appropriate contact professional team. They should be able to provide you with the necessary information, address any inquiries you may have, and ensure that you have a positive experience in selecting the right candidate for your specific needs.

We work with you to identify the requirements for your perfect candidate.
We search our high-quality network to find the perfect candidate to meet your needs.
We then arrange interviews for you with the most suitable candidates.
We follow up and offer our advice throughout the process to make sure you are comfortable.
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Find the childcare support you've been looking for.
Quick and easy!

We help families to find the perfectly qualified newborn care specialists and nannies in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. 

Remember, hiring a child care involves the safety and well-being of your child, so we take the necessary time and effort to find only the right candidate by providing you with options that match your specific requirements and handle the screening and vetting process for you.


To get started, call us at (310) 451-5692 or fill out our quick contact form.