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Imagine the valuable time you would free up with the help of a newborn care specialist or a professional, educated nanny. Finding childcare in Los Angeles just became so easy!
Sleeping Angels Co.
Sleeping Angels Co.
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Chelsea Holder
Chelsea Holder
Lissette and Sleeping Angels were incredibly helpful in finding our next nanny in a short amount of time. Lissette was so responsive, professional, thoughtful and guided us through the process. We are so happy to have found our next nanny for our 8-month old little guy.
I have been searching for a nanny agency in Los Angeles and Lissette from Sleeping Angels was more than kind to help me to start our search for a newborn care specialist. They were really helpful and knowledgeable. They sent me high qualified candidates to interview and we have picked the one that fit best for our family and baby needs. I highly recommend Sleeping Angels to any family who are in a need of newborn care a night.Thank you!
Lory Butler
Lory Butler
I sincerely recommend Lisette if you want an agency that works hard and with honesty. Unfortunately, I wasted a lot of my time before contacting the best-known agencies in Los Angeles that just lied and didn't work half as much as Lisette. She was the only person who found what I was looking for with incredible speed. From that moment I am loyal to her and I would absolutely not contact the other agencies again.
Pamela Vilches Cea
Pamela Vilches Cea
As a Newborn Care Specialist, I highly recommend Sleeping Angels and Lisette, for her professional assistance.
Johana Garcia
Johana Garcia
For 7 months our baby was a co sleeper that woke up 3- 4 times/night to breastfeed.  My husband and I attempted sleep training on our own after reading several books.  We failed miserably, but I was extremely skeptical about inviting a stranger into our house to assist us with this process. We decided to hire Lissette after contacting several sleep trainers in our area.  She was genuinely warm yet very professional.  She seemed extremely knowledgeable about the sleep training process. Although we worked with Lissette for several days, our baby was sleeping in her crib comfortably within the first night of sleep training.  3 weeks later she is now sleeping 12 hours through the night with several 1.5-2 hour naps during the day. Our baby seems extremely happy and well rested!  We are extremely happy and well rested!  Now I can't even imagine a night with less than 7 hours of sleep.  Thank you Lissette!  We look forward to using your services in the future!!
Cory Allen
Cory Allen
Sleeping Angels Co. is the only agency you'll need when hiring a Newborn Care Specialist. I am able to be part of Sleeping Angels Co. repertory of Newborn Care Specialist candidates, for over 5 years.  Sleeping Angels Co. agency team they always follow up with the family as well with the Newborn Care Specialist to make sure that everything is going well, something that other agencies fail to do.  I highly recommend Sleeping Angels Co. to any professional Newborn Care Specialist that have a high level of experience and certifications that are looking to have the opportunity to work with a great childcare agency and their clients.
Dorothy Tan
Dorothy Tan
My husband and I welcomed our second child 4 months ago.  The day after my daughter was born she started crying anywhere from 6-7 hours each night despite feeding her on demand, keeping her in a dry diaper, changing my diet to reduce any source of colic, and holding/rocking her constantly.  About 5 weeks into this, my husband and I felt so defeated that we decided to contact Lissette.  She began working with us to develop a sleep plan for our daughter when she was 6 weeks old.  Lissette was clear about what my expectations should be about sleep help for a 5 week old versus a 6 month old (the age my first son was when we started sleep training).  In order to carry out a sleep program for a baby at this age, you must strongly consider their weight and structure the plan based on set times for feedings, how to communicate properly with such young baby, because believe they are a very smart little one.  As a parent of a baby at this age, you must remain committed to following this schedule very closely if you want to succeed in getting your baby to eventually sleep through the night.  I must admit that also having a preschooler made it quite challenging to stick to this schedule.  However, during the first 3 weeks of following our plan, we were able to feel better with my daughter sleep, she was more calm and feedings were easy and more enjoyable.  Since she was steadily gaining weight, we were able to eliminate her night feeds by 13 and weeks. Now that my daughter is 4 months old, I can honestly say that working with Lissette for the second time is a true blessing.  Sleep straining, especially for babies who are not yet consuming solid foods, is a very controversial topic and personal decision.  My husband and I felt we needed good rest to be the best parents we can be to two young children, but we wanted to consider their safety first and foremost.  Sometimes I have felt some anxiety about whether or not I was doing the right thing, however, while working with Lissette, she has alleviated my anxiety by providing me with an abundance of support through each step of the process. If you decide that you need help to get your baby healthy sleep to a good start, then I strongly recommend Lissette to assist you with this process.  Her expertise speaks for itself and you will be extremely satisfied.
DoulaG Powerofmind
DoulaG Powerofmind
I highly recommend sleeping angels to families that is looking for nannies, doulas, helpers and Newborn specialists. The agency it is aweosome and the main goal is serve families with qualities professionals and services. I referred the agency couple times to my clients and they were very satisfied with the selection and promptness of the management . Mrs Lissete It is a great business woman and coach with professional oriented results. Sleeping Angels is great!
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Missing the "fun" in your life?

Sometimes, it probably hits you that you have NO time for yourself. You love being a parent but miss being YOU. Sleeping Angels can help you find the help you need so that you can recapture yourself!

Got too much on your plate?

Being a new parent comes with a lot of new responsibilities that can leave you feeling helpless. We are proud in representing the industry’s best Newborn Care Specialists! Our handpicked and properly checked Newborn Care, Doulas and Nanny candidates are passionate about providing the much-needed rest and relief to parents, and are always looking for ways to to go above and beyond.

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Nervous about childcare?

The decision to hire a childcare is not one that you take lightly. It can feel very nerve-wracking to make your decision. Thankfully, Sleeping Angels work with you to find the best candidate for you and your family. Our candidates are among the most professional caregivers in Los Angeles.

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You and your sweet angel deserve

only the best.

Sleeping Angels is here to give you the professional childcare that you and your family deserve. Our network of highly trained and educated childcare providers in Los Angeles are ready to support you.

Child care in Los Angeles. simplified.


Sleeping Angels has one of the best childcare networks in Los Angeles. Our mission is to pair each and every family with the perfect candidate for their unique needs. Whether you need just a little help here and there or you need full-time assistance, we have you covered. Finding childcare in Los Angeles shouldn’t be a hassle.
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Newborn Care

Whether you have a newborn on the way or you are adjusting to the many life changes associated with having a baby, Sleeping Angels is here to help. We work tirelessly to match your family with the best newborn care specialists in LA!
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Looking for a nanny who will integrate with your family and keep your child’s education on track while you’re not available? We work with a highly-qualified network of nannies in LA who are available to give you the support you deserve.
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When your baby doesn’t sleep, you don’t either. That is why we are here to help. The experienced sleep consultants at Sleeping Angels use time-tested methods to get your baby on a regular schedule which benefits you and your entire family.
lissette palencia is among the best childcare providers in los angeles

Meet Lissette

CEO & Founder of Sleeping Angels Co.
As an avid traveler, Lissette loves to experience new things and meet new people. This outgoing, bright, and caring personality is what people noticed immediately about Lissette.
Thanks to this, Lissette was known from an early age as someone who could communicate, understand, and work with young children.
After many years of successfully working with, and improving the relationship between parents and children, Lissette’s style of childcare and understanding lead her to start Sleeping Angels Co. Thanks to her passion and drive to do what she loves; Lissette has quickly grown Sleeping Angels to one of Los Angeles’ premier and most respected child care placement agencies.

a life dedicated to improving education, growth, and family bonds.

How to get started

At Sleeping Angels, we make finding childcare in Los Angeles as easy as possible.
Step 1

Lets make contact.

Fill out our quick and simple contact form so we know that you are looking for the perfect childcare support.
Step 2

We work out the details.

We work with you to complete necessary paperwork, assess your needs, and process finder fees.
Step 3

We find the perfect fit!

We collaborate with you to find the perfect list of candidates that meet your family’s unique needs.


We are passionate about improving the quality of childcare by teaching, supporting, and mentoring parents. At Sleeping Angels, we promise to provide you and your family with the best childcare in LA.

Our approach and philosophy are built on over 25 years of experience working with children. Continuous studying and self-improvement have equipped Lissette to be recognized as one of the most experienced, skilled, and respected childcare professional and placement agency owners in Los Angeles.

We are not only an agency. We are parents, too. When you work with Sleeping Angels, you can rest assured that you won’t be just another number. We will work closely with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your childcare specialist.

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why families trust us

meet some of our newborn care specialists

Each specialist in our network is trained and ready to work with your family. Read more about some of our star candidates. Contact us for more information about finding the childcare Los Angeles parents trust!


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Newborn Care Specialist




Newborn Care Specialist

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