Top 8 Mental Health Tips for New Moms: Everything you should know

Top 8 Mental Health Tips for New Moms: Everything you should know

Looking for some mental health tips as a new mom?

Being a new mom is a challenging task, but how does motherhood affect mental health? You must deal with the suggestions and recommendations from every angle (whether you ask for them or not).

You have to “woman up” and deal with the expectations of having a mini-human who depends on you for everything. Worse yet, nobody warns you about how these daily struggles can affect your physical appearance and mental health.

Challenging as it can be, we have curated eight ways to maintain and support your mental health as a new mom. We are confident that these tips will help you reduce your stress, boost your energy levels and help you relax so you and your baby get the best out of this experience.


How To Support Your Mental Health As A New Mom



Mental health, like physical health, shows signs and symptoms when something is wrong. You need to pay close attention to these signs that might indicate a mental health condition.

We suggest you speak to your physician if you notice signs of postpartum depression or chronic stress. What do new moms struggle with the most?

Look out for signs like: 

  • Irritability and (or) apathy, especially toward your baby
  • Loss of interest in activities you found enjoyable
  • Extreme feelings of sadness
  • Extreme anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Loss of appetite
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Insomnia, etc.


Once your doctor diagnoses these signs, he will recommend possible solutions through a self-care plan, counseling, medication, or a mental health initiative targeted at new moms.


Break free from comparisons. 

Do you sometimes feel like you have no idea what you are doing? If you do, well, you are not alone. It’s normal for first-time moms to think, “am I good enough for my baby?”

The answer to that question is, “Yes, mom, you are good enough for your baby.” “You are a good mother, “and “Your baby is proud of you.”

So stop making comparisons with the other moms at the postnatal centre. If you compare yourself with other moms, take a deep breath and remind yourself that YOU gave birth to your baby, not theirs.


Your Baby Is Unique

Everyone is different, and so is every baby.

Babies develop at their own pace. So it doesn’t matter if your friend’s baby sleeps through the night and yours doesn’t. Comparison will steal your joy. It won’t give you the pleasure of enjoying the broad development milestones that your baby will go through.

Not only will comparison take away your happiness, but it’ll also leave you anxious, which is terrible for your mental health and peace of mind. So, take a look at your baby.

Is he learning new things as he grows? Is he healthy? If he is, he’s doing a fantastic job, and so are you.

Our next suggestion will reinforce why you should cut back on the comparison.


Trust Your Intuition 

You brought this bundle of joy into the world, spent the last nine months talking, playing, and bonding with your baby, and finally, he is here.

No one is more suitable to discern the best care method for your baby than you, his mom. Your intuition is not a thing in your head; it’s real. It’s one of the pecks that comes with the newly acquired status of “Mom.”

So, the next time you get that intuition about your baby, don’t discredit it. Trust in your newly developed super abilities.

However, ensure your intuition is still consistent with the recommendations and advice of a medical professional.


Take A Break From Social Media To Protect Your Mental Health 

Before we say anything, we acknowledge the good deeds of social media through online communities, mum forums, and support groups.

But, dear new mommy, you need to take a break from social media if you notice that it’s affecting how you feel about your abilities.

Social media exposes you to harsh criticism and judgment, which can be damaging since you’re still trying to get comfortable with your skills. The next tip recommends a more excellent way to replace social media.


Enjoy Moments With Your Favorite People

To take care of your mental health, you need to toss out faceless social media and welcome your favorite people that you can see.

Spend time with another adult that you like and are comfortable with. Bonding with friends and family will reduce the feeling of isolation which will help you deal with the mental stress and exhaustion that comes with having a baby.

You don’t have to go outside if you don’t want to; we advise you to enjoy moments and time with people who understand you and won’t judge you in your comfort zone.

Feel free to laugh over your mistakes on this journey; it’ll make it pleasant. Enjoy this time with friends because it can help you soothe your mind and improve your mental health.


Take It Easy On Your Body

The pressure to have the perfect postpartum body weeks after a baby has to be one of the strongest.

We know you feel insecure about your new look; being stuck with a “mom body” can be frustrating. So instead of enjoying the precious moments with your newborn, you are already frustrated that you can’t fit into your jeans.

Take it easy; your new body is fine the way it is. You just experienced one of the most beautiful wonders, bringing a human into this world.

We encourage you to exercise, eat a healthy diet, try to rest up whenever possible, and engage in activities that boost your physical and mental energy.

But remember to enjoy the phase; it only lasts for a while, as our next tip says.


Enjoy This Phase With Your Newborn; It Doesn’t Last Forever

You won’t be a new mom forever. Your baby will depend on you entirely for the first few years of his life, and you can go back to having “sleepful” nights. Soon, you’ll miss those cute smiles while he’s asleep, your baby staring into your eyes as you feed him, and the other cute moments you share.

Take it all in, play, have fun, teach your baby, and watch him grow; these memories will eventually give you peace and satisfaction.

Moms, you are superheroes; we see your efforts to keep physically and mentally active. Take time off social media, and engage in activities to soothe your mind and help you relax. Speak to your physician if you notice any signs of a mental condition.

You are doing a fantastic job, and we are cheering you on. Keep doing great!



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