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We assist parents by providing the help that they need to ensure they have more time for themselves and, as parents, to enjoy more of the growth and development of their children, foster deep emotional connections, and create lasting memories.

Additionally, parenthood offers opportunities for personal growth and learning as parents navigate the challenges and joys of raising a child. By offering support and resources, we aim to empower parents to confidently tackle the responsibilities of parenthood while also nurturing their own personal growth. As parents learn and adapt to the ever-changing needs of their children, they have the chance to develop new skills, gain valuable insights, and experience the profound rewards that come with raising a child.

New Father

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New Father Blues

You want to be an involved father to your newborn.  You’ve read all the books, done all the natural birth training – you probably never knew there were so many different ways to breathe! – and now the big day has passed, the baby is home … and what you really want in this moment is a good night’s sleep. 

Your home isn’t really chaos.  It’s just … not what you expected.  The romantic vision of you, your lovely partner and your beautiful newborn is a good deal less than constant.  If ever.

When you’re at work you can barely function you’re so sleep deprived. 

Balancing work and fatherhood requires reliable, experienced baby care assistance, so that you can focus on your career and on raising a happy, healthy child

Sleeping Angels Co has been helping new parents find their ideal nanny for over a decade.  Let us help you become the peaceful, nurturing family you always wanted.