Newborn Care – Reliable Assistant Leads to More Enjoyable Parenting

Newborn Care – Reliable Assistant Leads to More Enjoyable Parenting

Newborn baby at home? I doing things rights? 

Parenthood is perhaps the loftiest accomplishment to which a human being can attain. When you hold your newborn baby in your arms, smell its hair and kiss its forehead, you are touching a blank canvas on which you, with the help of society and hopefully quite a few loved ones, will immediately begin painting the most beautiful work of art to grace this planet to date.

When you bring your child home for the first time, you will be flooded with all sorts of emotions: love, of course; excitement, certainly; you will probably cry (though the timing may surprise you – just go with it); and if you have a rational bone in your body, you will probably feel some measure of fear. 

This is completely natural, and, arguably, beneficial. One’s primal fear on behalf of one’s progeny is the main practical motivation to protect it.

Stressing the importance of stress

While that fear can certainly serve you well in giving you a drive to protect your child, it is important to note the line between healthy fear and stress. Wonder if you are doing things correctly when it comes to caring for a bran new baby, it can bring so many questions and worries. 

By you being aware that too much stress, especially when you are constantly exposed to and immersed in it, becomes what is called toxic stress. Learning how to cope with adversity is an important part of healthy life, and will aid to be able to provide the best actions and decisions to make in order to avoid stress and to enjoy your baby more. 

It’s important to keep this in mind and look after yourself so that you can always be in the best mental state to care for your newborn child. It’s a lot to juggle, trying to make ends meet and fulfilling any other obligations you have while also taking care of a tiny human. 


Any parent will tell you it’s a 24-hour job and you don’t get any days off. This is especially true in the first stages of development, when your infant needs as much care and attention as possible, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s where Sleeping Angels Co. comes in, our team of professional can do an intense search to find the most qualified Newborn help the you and your family need. 

Finding the right child placement for your infant


It can be difficult to find quality infant care. Many daycare facilities in California will not accept a child under 1 year, so if you decide, say, to go back to work after 6 months of maternity leave, you will need to do quite a bit of searching.

You certainly have some options in the Los Angeles area for early infant care, and you should definitely weigh all your options; but we encourage you to give this site a good, thorough look before you choose your newborn care specialist agency. Lissette Palencia has over 25 years of experience in newborn care in LA and elsewhere, and it shows.

In-home options

Sleeping Angels Co. will happily provide newborn care specialist services in your home if you have any apprehensions about placing your child in a facility. You will be matched with an experienced and personable professional that will be ideal to meet the needs of your family, and most especially your new child. 

Definitely give them a call as soon as you can. Sleeping Angels Co. is one of the most qualified Nanny and Newborn Care Agency of its kind in Los Angele

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