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"Our goal is to empower parents to establish healthy sleep habits for their infants by providing guidance and support with personalized sleep plans and strategies for common sleep challenges."

From Sleepless Nights to Sweet Dreams: Newborn and Infant Sleep Coaching 101

“Sleeping Angels Inc. Top Child Sleep Coaching and Placement Agency Since 1997”

Newborn baby: 10 Key Qualities to Look for in a Newborn Care Specialist

Nurturing Newborns: 7 Strategies for maintaining parental calmness

Baby sleep consultants are a resource you can call on to get more sleep or any sleep at all!—be able to think straight again, get your whole life back on track, and generally feel like a human, rather than an escapee from some kind of horror movie. 

You have this brand new baby, who depends on you for everything.

You owe it to yourself, your baby, and your partner to take advantage of all the help you can get your hands on. 

A professional baby  sleep consultant has the knowledge and experience to help you, your baby, and your partner settle into a sleep routine that supports mental, physical, and emotional health for as long as you need it. 

Baby sleep consultants can help with teething issues, colic, establishing a bedtime routine, and all the other issues that come with a newborn up to a toddler.  You deserve to be the mother you want to be, and we are here to help you.

Babies don’t come with a manual.  Even if they did, they’re too young to read.  Give yourself the care you need so that you can watch your baby transform into your own sleeping angel.

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