Broken sleep, intermittent crying, random bedtimes,

requires a pacifier to sleep?

If any of this sounds familiar, Lissette Palencia has solved problems like these for over twenty-five years. After years of working extensively with children who have problems getting a long and restful night sleep, Lissette has developed an understanding of the issues which most parents face.
Lissette firmly believes in the elements of clear and effective communication between parent and child. Over the years, she has improved the sleeping habits of children who have struggled with sleeping issues.

Lissette is a baby sleep consultant Los Angeles families have trusted for over 25 years!


My approach is designed to empower parents to avoid debunked quick fixes that lack practical training. I help parents answer the question of “now what?” when their own methods fall short.

How it works:

#1. I will start with a 1-2 hour in-home or phone consultation to better understand the home environment and lifestyle.
#2. We will discuss sleep-plan options based on your baby’s age and needs.
#3. We will develop a step-by-step sleep-plan, which takes into consideration your baby’s natural rhythm as well your lifestyle.
#4. We will assist you in carrying out the sleep-plan and educate you on the process along the way.
Never think that you are alone or that the sleepless nights will not get better. No matter what age, routine, or rhythms your child is in, there will always be a way to improve their sleeping pattern.
On this journey, you will learn so much about your child, and I will be there to make sure you understand every little detail to make this sleep journey as smooth as possible.

My Philosophy

“Over the years I have developed my own unique and highly successful approach to solving children’s sleeping issues. My philosophy is based on my experience with children, a lot of education, and my knowledge of child psychology and development combined with the principles and methods of RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) and Waldorf.” – Lissette Palencia

Get started with a baby sleep consultant
Los Angeles parents have trusted for decades.

I will offer continuous support and encouragement throughout the process. Ultimately, I will help achieve harmony between parent and child with my expertise.
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