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lissette palencia of child care agency in los angeles sleeping angels co

Lissette palencia

Founder of sleeping angels co.

Lissette's Biography

Lissette Palencia is a former certified child sleep consultant and a doting mother. She is the founder of Sleeping Angels Co., a Los Angeles Child Sleep Coaching and Placement Agency.
Lissette and her team have been helping families successfully find the most qualified, nurturing, and highly-referenced childcare candidates for over a decade.
As an avid traveler, Lissette loves to experience new things and meet new people. This outgoing, bright, and caring personality is what people notice immediately about Lissette.
Thanks to this, Lissette was known from an early age as someone who could communicate, understand, and work with young children.
After many years of successfully working with and improving the relationship between parents and children, Lissette’s style of childcare and understanding lead her to start Sleeping Angels Co.
Because of her passion and drive to do what she loves, Lissette and Sleeping Angels Co. have quickly grown to be one of Los Angeles’ premier and most respected child care placement agencies. Year after year, Sleeping Angels Co. expands and serves more familes in their search for the best childcare specialists.
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lissette palencia is among the best childcare providers in los angeles

Lissette and her network of professionals are here to help you find the highest quality childcare available in Los Angeles.

25 Years of working
with children

Lissette is passionate about improving the quality of childcare and knowledge by teaching, supporting, and mentoring parents. She also works with newborn care specialists and nannies to mentor them and help them provide the highest quality care.
Her approach and philosophy are built on over 25 years of experience working with children. Continuous studying and self-improvement have equipped Lissette to build a high-quality childcare network and earn recognition as one of the most experienced, skilled, and respected childcare professionals in Los Angeles.

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